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Student Parliament of the HWR Berlin

The student parliament acts as the decision-making body of the student body, comparable to the “legislature”. It is therefore the highest body of the corporation and oversees the activities of the executive body (AStA) of the student body. The members are elected directly by the students of the HWR as part of the annual university elections in the summer. The term of office is one year. The student parliament is made up of up to 30 members. They elect the General Student Committee and the members of the Student Department Commission. All members of the StuPa have the right to submit motions. This enables them to represent the interests of students in the best possible way and work to improve everyday student life by submitting motions to the student parliament.

The StuPa usually meets once a month. The members of the StuPa, the AStA and the student departmental commissions have the right to submit motions. Each member of the StuPa can apply for an expense allowance of €20.00 for each meeting. It is understandable that there are different political groupings in the StuPa, similar to a conventional parliament. These range from conservative to left-wing, liberal, green and right-wing. The spectrum is diverse and not all groups can be assigned to a specific party. Their main goal

Presidium of the StuPa

The Presidium chairs the StuPa, organizes the monthly meetings and the general running of the body. It is responsible for ensuring compliance with the statutory requirements of the student body bodies. The Presidium represents the StuPa outside of meetings vis-à-vis other bodies and third parties. In the event of absence, the Executive Committee represents the AStA Board – and thus the entire student body – in dealings with third parties. The AStA Executive Board is directly accountable to the Presidium. The composition of the executive committee consists of the presidency, vice-presidency and secretary. In terms of protocol, the President of the StuPa is the highest office within the student body.